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Grullo Paint Stallion


Introducing for the 2014 breeding season...

Tru Cowboy Rhythm

APHA/PtHA 2012 Homozygous for Black, Grullo/White Tobiano Stallion. 

Introductory stud fee of $600 and offering $50 off his stud fee for booking  by the end of February, 2014 or for multiple mares to him or any stallion I stand. 
Refer a friend discount will also apply...

Multiple mare and Referral or VIP ($50 discounts each). 
Book now (takes $50 and a contract to book to him)

These pictures are yearling pics

This fine stud colt has some great paint show blood, but he also has some fantastic cow-horse blood and this is what we plan to showcase along with his ability to throw colored foals with his dun and homozygous black genes.
This is a nice, big stallion that is very well bred, carries two black genes (EE), so he will never throw a red foal, he is Tobiano (Tt), Dun (Dd) and carries no agouti (aa), so blacks and duns will be common, along with Tobiano, when you breed your mare to this stallion.  If your mare is a colored paint then you will have a 75% chance of a paint foal.  See our color calculator for the other colors that are possible when breeding your mare to Rhythm.