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Shipped Semen


Preparing For Your Shipment of Cooled Semen:

Mare Information Form


The cost of shipping semen in the U.S. is $200 and is in addition to the stud fee.  We can ship to Canada but it is a little more money.

Once you have booked your mare for breeding and signed the addendum to the breeding contract for shipping semen for your mare, please familiarize yourself with the following procedures and contact Tina Lewis at The Lewis Ranch Stallion Station at 559-909-2156 if you have questions and to let her know when you expect your mare to come into heat or foal. 


1.  Phone me, Tina Lewis, at 559-909-2156 on the First  day that the mare is in heat or the day she foals if you plan to breed her on her foal heat or her 30 day heat.  This alerts me to be prepared to ship semen to you and places you on the priority list for semen in the event of limited semen availability on a particular day from a particular stallion.

2.  Schedule your Veterinarian for a palpation/ultrasound of your mare by day 2 or 3 of her heat

3.  Phone me to request semen by 8:00pm (California Time) on the day prior to needing the semen shipped.

 559-909-2156 on my cell .

We normally cannot ship the same day for the following reasons:

-Fed Ex picks up our shipments here at the ranch at 11 am and only if we call for a pick up by 9am so we may not be able to accomodate you with a late call/time zone differences, etc. 

-We also might have already collected that stallion and bred him to another mare by the time you call and therefore would not be able to collect him again that day and get any kind of quality semen for shipping.

4.  Any remaining balance of stud fee, and shipping fees must be paid in full prior to shipment.  I take paypal and if we get in a "last minute" situation we can always do that, but mailing a check ahead of time is best.

(Semen can be shipped on weekends only at an additional cost to mare owner as counter to counter is an additional $175 or so).  Your vet can tell you when your mare will be ready for semen after his/her palpation/ultrasound and if you have gotten her there early enough in her heat cycle he/she may be able to avoid a weekend collection. 

5.  The Stallion will be collected and 2 doses of semen packaged for shipment via overnight carrier (Fed Ex).  The Lewis Ranch Cooled Semen Information Sheet and Instructions, and the AQHA or APHA Collection/Insemination Certificate will be sent with the cooled semen in the container.  The shipment will be sent to the address given by you on the Breeding contract/Addendum for shipped semen so please make sure this address is the correct address.

6.  Tina Lewis will phone or email you or your Veterinarian to verify that the semen has been successfully collected and shipped and provide the Fed Ex tracking number.

7.  You or your Veterinarian will receive the container from the courier overnight.

8.  Your Veterinarian will remove 1 dose of semen from the container and assess the progressive motility according to the Cooled Semen Instructions provided with the shipment.  (and included below)

                      **Note:  If your veterinarian does not own or have access to equipment to assess the progressive motility, then omit this step but it is highly recommended that the progressive motility be evaluated prior to the insemination of each dose to provide you with the assurance that the semen is of adequate quality.  *if it is Tina Lewis immediately.  Do not discard the semen!

9.  If the progressive motility is adequate, inseminate the mare.  The semen does NOT need to be warmed. 

10.  Remove the second dose and repeat steps 8 and 9 on the following day if the mare has not ovulated.  Insemination of the second dose is not necessary if the mare has ovulated.   **Be sure to record the progressive motility on the Cooled Semen Information Sheet and have your Veterinarian fill out AQHA (or APHA) paperwork and mail according to registry instructions.  Your foal will not be able to be registered if this paperwork is not done so mare owner's must follow up on this step.

11.  Return the container with its cool pack within 7 days via Fed Ex or UPS ground or regular mail.  You may include the stallion owner's copy of the registry paperwork.

Please remember that you are responsible for getting the paperwork where it should go (you have 15 days) and the container back to The Lewis Ranch Stallion Station (within 7 days) not leave this up to your Veterinarian.  It may not get done and you may be paying for a container and/or have an unregistered foal due to lack of paperwork at AQHA/APHA.  Neither of these registries will allow you to register your foal without the paperwork signed by your Veterinarian and Stallion owner on file.