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Grullo Stallion


Bueno Blue Badger


Bueno Blue Badger is a 2000 AQHA/FQHA 96% Foundation bred Smokey Grullo Stallion and is homozygous for the black gene so he will never throw a red based foal.  He also carries a creme gene and, of course, dun factor.  He is a Smokey black dun (Grullo), which he consistently throws to his beautiful, correct foals along with great dispositions, and trainable, willing minds.  Color is just the icing on the cake.  He stands just under 15 hh.

A grullo (prounounced "grew-yo") colored horse is a black horse with dun factor.  Dun factor simply dilutes coat color and adds a dorsal stripe and leg barring and usually some darker "webbing" at withers and on forhead.  Bueno Blue Badger (Blue) is a Smokey Grullo so he has a cream gene making his coat color diluted even further.  He is homozygous for black (EE) so he cannot throw a red-based foal, making his offspring mostly blacks and grullos (a bay/dun is possible only if the mare has black points but the cross could also produce a buckskin or buckskin/dun since he carries the cream and dun genes too, Bay would be least likely).  If your sorrel/chestnut mare has no hidden Agouti (the black points gene) then there is no possibility of Bay. You will only get a Smokey Grullo, Grullo, Smokey Black, or Black.  You will never get a red foal when breeding your mare to "Blue".

Blue is a Smokey Grullo with no white markings and loads of Dun factor markings and he is UC Davis tested to be homozygous black. He also carries a creme gene which is what makes him a Smokey Grullo and not just a Grullo. He will produce Grullo, Smokey Grullo, Dunskin, Zebra Dun, Smokey Black, Black, Bay, Buckskin as well as the possibility of a Smokey Creme foal (a black horse with 2 copies of the cream gene).  He has also been producing a high percentage of dun factor in his foals though he only carries one copy of the dun gene.

Blue has the kindest heart. He is a true gentleman in every way. He has only been used for breeding, due to an injury as a youngster but he is 100% sound now and is a nice fluid mover with tons of athletic ability.

He is standing at stud here at
The Lewis Ranch Stallion Station for a stud fee of $600 with a $50 booking fee that goes toward that stud fee via live cover, on farm insemination, or cooled or frozen shipped semen.  Shipping Cooled semen to your mare is still only $200 this year and mare care is only $8/day for a dry mare and $10/day for a wet mare (with a foal at her side) if your mare comes to the ranch for breeding. 

Breeding contract and Shipped Semen addendum and Mare Information Form



A Homozygous Black Dun (Grullo) with a creme gene (Smokey Grullo).

96+% Foundation Pedigree:

Poco Padishah

Mr Poco Blackburn

Mr Blackburn 41

Mr 14's Susie

Maiden Dakota

Jim Hank

Lady LuckyBuck

Poco Laurel Jane

Poco Jet Spirit

Poco Diego 007

Dreamy Spirit

Poco Jane Trefoil

Poco P Chip

Luther's Jane


Blue carries those awesome Poco Bueno bloodlines and like all my Poco Bueno bred stallions, he has been tested for HERDA and is negative so he is safe to breed your Poco Bueno (or any mare) to .  He has also tested negative, quarantined and vaccinated for EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) which makes him safe to accept shipped semen from as well. 

We offer Early Bird Discounts of $50 off the stud fee when booked by January 1st each year.  We also offer an additional $50 off each stud fee when booking multiple mares or referring a friend.  Mares can be booked to different stallions and each mare/mare owner gets the discounts.

Click here to pay using a credit card/ATM or checking to book your mare to Blue with just $50, or pay the stud fee or shipping fee

Take a look at some of his Offspring:

2010 Offspring:

Out of our own Cosa Tina, an AQHA foundation bred palomino broodmare

(Poco Tivio X Bueno Chex)

a perlino dun stud colt

Out of our own Docs Cutie Pep, a sorrel broodmare

a smokey Grulla filly (sold)

Out of our own APHA Homozygous Liver Chestnut Broodmare

a Smokey Grullo stud colt with Glass blue eyes

Out of our own APHA Homozygous Bay Broodmare

a buckskin/dun stud colt

See 2010 foals  page

Past foals by Blue:

2003 APHA Grullo Colt

2003 AQHA Grullo Colt
Photo at 2-years-old

2003 AQHA Black Colt

2003 APHA Black/white Colt

2004 AQHA Grulla Filly

2004 AQHA Dun Colt


2004 AQHA Grullo Colt


2004 AQHA Grulla Filly

2004 AQHA Smoky Creme Filly

2004 AQHA Smoky Creme Filly


2004 AQHA Dun Colt

2005 AQHA Dun Colt

Jessies Crystal

2005 AQHA Grullo Colt


2005 AQHA Smoky Creme Filly

Jessies Crystal

2005 AQHA Grulla Filly



2006 AQHA Grulla Filly

2006 AQHA Homozygous Smokey Black Colt