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Play JB's Video

Perlino Stallion

    Breedings to this stallion are all sold out!  We only had 10 breedings via frozen semen and they have now all been sold. 

 Pbs Starbuck , our buckskin/dun stallion, has been throwing 100% color out of 15 foals so far...  (14 palominos and buckskins and 1 red dun).  Check out his page for more information.


The difference between a Cremello and a Perlino?  A perlino is a double diluted (has 2 copies of the creme gene) bay horse and a cremello is a double diluted sorrel/chestnut horse.  A cremello carries ony the red gene like a sorrel/chestnut would but a perlino can carry both red and black genes like a bay horse can... Poco Jessie Jb is a Perlino so he carries both the red and black genes, dun factor, and he is homozygous for creme and homozygous for Agouti.

 Poco Jessie JB -Foundation Quarter Horse Perlino stallion standing at stud using frozen semen only.  Jb is smart, sweet, calm and gentle and throws this awesome disposition to his foals.  He mounts the phantom and collects into an Artificial Vagina (AV) for on farm insemination or cooled shipped semen.  His semen freezes well and cools and ships well.  He is easy to handle and breed either live cover or using the phantom.   Get that Palomino or Buckskin you have always wanted.  He also carries dun factor and throws it to his foals.  This AQHA 97% Foundation bred, beautiful Quarter horse Perlino Stallion is standing at stud here at The Lewis Ranch Stallion Station via frozen semen only which can be shipped or used here on the ranch to inseminate your mare.  He has Poco Tivio and Jessie James actually on his papers and Jessie James, top and bottom.  He had his first crop on the ground in 2006 of Palomino, Palomino dun, Buckskin and Buckskin Dun foals that are gorgeous, sweet, athletic and smart and outdid himself again in 2007 and 2008 with more of the same.  Check out his offspring page and American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA ) foundation bred pedigree below.  He can also give you a cremello or perlino when bred to a dilute mare (palomino or buckskin) or double dilute mare (perlino or cremello).  But...he will never sire a red or bay, black or smokey black foal.  He will always give you a creme based foal and he is homozygous for Agouti so cannot throw a smokey black.  Buckskin or Palomino, Perlino or Cremello is all he will throw.  (roan and gray adds to this creme diluted base color, of course).

He is UC Davis Tested homozygous for the Creme gene and also the Agouti gene.   He is a 97% Foundation bred Quarter horse.   He is safe to breed to Poco Bueno mares as he has tested negative for HERDA.  He carries the red and black genes so he will throw Palomino or Palomino Dun, Buckskin and Buckskin/Dun's.   It does not matter what color your mare is...he will throw a Palomino or a Buckskin every time (a roan or gray mare will add to this base color and a mare throwing the creme gene will dilute further to a perlino or cremello).   We are offering a 100% Color dilution guarantee on this stud.  He is homozygous for the Creme gene as well as homozygous for the Agouti gene (black points) and will throw a colored foundation quarter horse foal everytime simply by throwing in his red or black gene along with your mare's red or black gene and then diluting the resulting color down to a Buckskin or a Palomino and, on occasion, adding Dun factor, as well.   Unlike the Cremello he carries the black gene too and can throw a Buckskin with a sorrel mare or a Palomino with a Bay mare.  (Agouti, has no affect on red so a palomino results if both the stud and mare throw their red genes at mating).  He is also a listed stallion with APHA so bring your paint mares.  Why gamble? Get the color of foal you want with a great disposition and excellent confirmation too! Shipped Frozen Semen and AI services available.

Jb's Breeding Contract and Shipped Semen Addendum

We also teach stallions to mount the phantom for shipping or freezing semen and offer semen evaluations for outside stallions as well.  Check out our Services We Offer  page for more information on Stallion and Mare services we offer.

Check out our complete Stallion Station for other nice stallions to choose from...or our links page where our friends are standing homozygous paint stallions and quarter horses and foundation quarter horse stallions that produce color as well as nicely bred and well trained Paint and Quarter horses offered for sale.


The History of Poco Tivio and Jessie James

JB's Pedigree

Jb's Offspring

Check out Jb's Offspring-100% creme based foal guaranteed!  This stud only throws palomino's or buckskins usually with dun factor (dorsal stripe/leg barring)


Congratulations Kaycie Swenson

Congratulations Bill and Cindy Roach on your registered palomino POA-JB does ponies too!


JB's Offspring


Click to view/print the Cooled Shipped Semen Addendum to the breeding contract for JB


Making palominos, duns, cremellos, perlinos, buckskins ... want one?

JB's Pedigree


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