Paternity Testing and Wine Barrel Creations

Call John Harrison at 559-901-8560 or email John at for prices and information on Paternity Testing for a child.  Both Legal and Peace of Mind testing is available. 
  • Requires Buccal swab (inner cheek swab) from child and father (but swab of the mother is recommended as well for DNA identification/elimination purposes).

Wine Barrel Creations


Custom Wine Barrel Creations



 John Harrison


Shipping is about $125 to ship via Fed Ex from here in California to mid to Eastern United States 

Most of the barrels weigh about 85 pounds and are abut 38" X 25"... if you want to research shipping yourself-we can ship on your account as well.  We would ship from Visalia, CA  93277

Planters are $125 each (1/4 of a barrel with a flat back to fit against a wall)  Flowers not included, of course.


Custom Made Western Wine Barrel Dog Houses, Ice Chests and Patio Heaters and Patio Tables and trash cans, planters-custom made, and For Sale

Dog Houses

Round Entrance-these fit a large dog, but are comfortable as well for smaller dogs

Complete with branding and stain/decor


Rectangle Entrance

Trash cans

$225 Complete with branding/stain/hardware


The top ring removes to hold a large trash bag in the can

Patio Heater

$475 with new stainless steel heater parts

Ice Chest

$275 complete with branding and hardware/stain and stand (and drain plug)


Western Wine Barrel Dog House-Custom made for your new pup or your current dog. 

Looks great on the porch or patio or inside your barn-$225.  We deliver in Tulare County for free. 

Email John at for questions or to order (or call/text John at 559-901-8560)

 Custom made to order 

Allow 7-14 days to have one custom made with your dog's name on the front (optional)


Order your doghouse .  You can pay by check or money order by mailing to John Harrison at the address below or he can take your credit card info over the phone

Mail Check/Money Order to: 

John Harrison
19909 Avenue 376
Woodlake, Ca  93286
(559) 901-8560- call or text


Patio Heater -$475
Ice Chest      -$275
Doghouse     -$225
Trash Can     -$225
Planter          -$125

Shipping across country is extra - but local delivery is free