Blue Lynx Cat

AQHA 2018 Homozygous Blue Roan Stallion

He will be standing at stud in February, 2023, once again.

He is homozygous for the roan gene, so he will always throw a roan, but he carries both the red and the black gene so he can throw Blue roan, Bay roan, and Red roan foals.

And, will throw roan to a palomino, or buckskin foal too (if your mare carries a cream gene and throws it to the foal) or, if your mare carries dun, etc. He will throw his roan to every foal.

The best news is that if you have a red (sorrel/chestnut) mare, you will get a roan foal...never get just a red baby again.

Your foal will be blue roan if he throws his black gene, and bay roan if your mare throws Agouti with that roan and black he throws (or the black your mare has/throws), or red roan if he throws his red gene along with your mare's red gene. He will always throw his roan gene and your foal will always be a roan.

You are guaranteed to get a roan foal when breeding to this young stallion.

His stud fee: $550

Link to his pedigree: Blue Lynx Cat

He is 5-panel tested N/N and LWO (APHA) tested Negative

This stallion at 18 months to two years of age... (scroll down for current pictures)

2022 Pictures 4 years old.