We currently stand a 2018 Homozygous Blue Roan Stallion (for a guaranteed roan foal every time).

AQHA 2018

Homozygous Blue Roan Stallion

This stallion is tested N/N for the 5 panel through AQHA and listed as a breeding stallion with APHA (Tested N/N for LWO)

Standing at stud here at :

The Lewis Ranch

Our 22 Years of Experience Shows!

We also raise

Queensland Heelers

-standard size

-miniature size

-stumpy tail


tailed pups



The Lewis Ranch

19802 Avenue 376

Woodlake, California 93286

Contact us by:

Email: thelewisranch@aol.com

Cell: Tina -559-909-2156 or Sara-559-679-4815

Full Service Stallion Station:

* Choose a stallion (ours or any within the U.S./local or shipped semen)

* Artificial Insemination (fresh, cooled-shipped, or frozen-shipped)

* We track your mare's cycle in order to:

-coordinate shipped semen/evaluate and Ai with cooled/frozen semen

-coordinate/collect local stallion/evaluate and Ai with fresh semen

-$375 mare owner chute fee (cooled/fresh) for outside stallions

-plus mare care: $12/dry or $14/wet (foal at side) -per day

-$475 mare owner chute fee (shipped frozen semen) for outside stallions

-plus mare care: $12/dry or $14/wet -per day

* Training stallion to phantom/Semen collection and evaluation

-$450 stallion owner fee

-$150 for test cooling (2-3 different common extenders)

-to assess which extender the stallion cools best in

* Collect trained stallion to inseminate mare w/semen evaluation

-$250 stallion owner fee

* Freezing semen or cooling/shipping your stallion

* Training your stallion to the phantom

* Semen collection and evaluation

* Frozen semen storage

We have been standing stallions and producing foals since 2001!

Standing our AQHA Stallion, Blue Lynx Cat (listed with APHA as well)

via on farm Artificial Insemination (Ai) or via cooled shipped semen

or breeding your local mare to the stallion of your choice

from anywhere in the U.S.

via Cooled or Frozen Shipped Semen

Choose any stallion across the U.S. and get color/pedigree this time!

Discounts on Stud fees available: Early bird/Multiple mare

Discounts available:

$50 off the stud fee for:

Early Bird - booking before January 1 each year

Multiple Mare - booking more than one mare of yours, ...or book with a friend

Referral Discount - referring friends that book to either of our stallions*

*your friends get $50 off their stud fee, and so do you!

Each discount is $50 off the stud fee and you can have them all if you book early, book multiple mares or refer a friend.

Here at The Lewis Ranch we pride ourselves in putting foals with color, disposition, conformation and pedigree on the ground

... at our place and YOURS!