Color Calculator

Color Calculator

Click here to input what you know about your mare and the color genetic information of the stallion you are thinking of breeding to and figure out what color your foal could be.

email Tina at if you need help figuring out what your mare's color genetics are if you have not had her tested-you can also use "unknown".

Color genetics of my stallions: none are gray or carry the silver gene

Dun It Dealin is a Buckskin. He carries one cream gene, one red and one black gene (Ee) and one Agouti gene (Aa)

PQR Ransoms Lildevil is a bay dun stallion. He carries one red and one black gene (Ee) and one Agouti gene (Aa) as well as one dun gene (Dd).

Coming Soon: A solid black AQHA Gallo Del Cielo x Smart Little Pepinic and Smart Chic Olena X Just Plain Colonel stallion. Click here for pedigree

Single Dilute

Palominos & Buckskins:

Both of these colors are caused by the cream gene, generally denoted by the letter C ("Cc" for heterozygotes / single dilutes and "CC" for homozygotes / double dilutes). Palomino is cream acting on a chestnut base coat, and buckskin is on a bay base coat. Black horses with the cream gene are termed "smokey blacks," but there is little, if any, visually detectable difference between a non-dilute black and a smokey black. The cream gene dilutes only the red, or chestnut, pigmentation in a horse's coat, which is why buckskins retain their black mane and tail and why blacks are not affected at all. This gene isincompletely dominant, meaning it takes two copies of the gene to reach its full expression. Buckskins, palominos, and smokey blacks carry only one copy (Cc).

Double Dilute

Perlinos & Cremellos:

A chestnut horse with two copies of the cream gene (CC) is called a cremello, and is much lighter than a palomino. A bay with two copies of the gene is called a perlino, and the color difference here is even greater than between palominos and cremellos. Unlike smokey blacks, black double dilutes (called smokey creams) do have a diluted appearance. The cream gene in its homozygous state (perlino/cremello/smokey cream)dilutes not only red pigment, but black as well. Two key differences between single (palomino/buckskin) and double dilutes (cremello/perlino/smokey cream) are that all double dilutes have blue eyes (the eyes of single dilutes are not affected by the gene), and all double dilutes have pink skin (single dilutes retain dark skin). The creme gene does not affect roan. But will dilute the base color of a roan horse.