PQR Ransoms Lildevil

Bay Dun Stallion

This young stud is being offered for sale $3500-Sold!

He will need to be gelded as he isn't producing enough sperm cells to be used for breeding.  His price reflects that.
Great temperament, he has been started, and is well-behaved.

Standing at Stud

PQR Ransoms LilDevil 

(Barn name: Junior)  Link to pedigree

Junior is a Zebra (bay) dun and is the grandson of Bueno Blue Badger, the smoky grullo stallion I stood here for several years.  Check his pedigree out on allbreedpedigree.com.

This young stallion is 96% Foundation bred 

He is 5-Panel Tested Negative (N/N)

He carries one black and one red gene (Ee), one agouti gene (Aa), and one dun gene (Dd), for lots of possibilities when crossed with your mare.

He carries no cream gene so there is no worry of a foal being a double dilute (ie:cremello, perlino) even if your mare is a buckskin or palomino (or in any other way carries a cream gene).

His Breeding Contract

$500 introductory stud fee for this young stallion, with a $50 booking fee (email Tina at thelewisranch@aol.com for contract) 
$50 off for booking before January 1st, each year, and another $50 off each mare; for booking more than one mare or booking with a friend to either stallion I stand.  

The other stallion, Dun It Dealin, carries a cream gene (nCr) and no dun gene with the same (Ee) and (Aa) color genetics. (see his page on this site)

Dun It Dealin is tested negative for the 5-Panel as well.

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