Blue Lynx Cat

AQHA 2018 Homozygous Blue Roan Stallion

He will be standing at stud again in 2022. 

$550 stud fee 

This young foundation-bred stallion is homozygous for the roan gene, so he will always produce a roan foal. He carries both the red and the black gene so he can produce Blue roans, Bay roans, and Red roans (he has both the red and the black gene), and, if your mare carries a cream gene, you can get a palomino or buckskin roan foal too.  He will always throw a roan for you.  Black is dominant over red, so with a 50% chance of him throwing the black gene at every breeding, your chances for a black-based foal (with roan) are excellent.

The best news is that if you have a red mare, you will get a roan... and never just a red baby, and his black gene, if he throws it (50/50 chance he will throw it) will dominate the red gene that a red mare will throw as well (red mares carry only red genes).  He can give you a blue roan foal (if your mare doesn't throw an *Agouti gene, because he doesn't carry one), or a bay roan foal if your mare has Agouti and throws it), or a red roan (if he and your mare throw a red gene), ...but you are guaranteed a roan every time.

*Agouti (black points/"bay gene") only has an effect if a black gene is thrown, and can be hidden in red horses (many red horses have at least one), and can be thrown if it is carried by your mare (this stallion doesn't have one, so he will not throw one...but your mare could).  Animal genetics can test for this fairly inexpensively (Click on Color Calculator tab above for more information on that).

You will get a guaranteed roan foal when breeding to this young stallion.  Check out the Color Calculator tab above to see exactly what your color chances are for your foal.
When it prompts for information about the stallion: simply put Blue Roan for this stallion's color, and mark both red/black, and homozygous for roan, for the stallion, and NO Agouti ...then put your mare's color in (to the best of your knowledge).  You can email me at if you need help with this or any other color genetics questions.

The link to his pedigree: Blue Lynx Cat 

He is 5-panel tested N/N.  He is AQHA registered, and listed with APHA as a breeding stallion, and LWO tested as well.

Go to the bottom of this page for contracts, or email Tina at for his contract (breeding and/or shipping addendum) or for
more information about this young stallion and his color producing possibilities.

$50 to book this stallion for 2022 (February 15th through June 30th).  His 2022 stud fee is $550, leaving $500 to pay at time of breeding (if you have no discounts to apply).
Book by January 1 each year and get $50 discount off his stud fee (or Dun It Dealin)
Book multiple mares (yourself or with a this stud and/or Dun It Dealin) 
and get another $50 off (each mare).

We can take credit card or you can mail a check with the signed contract to book (takes $50 book/deposit).
To book using a credit card, you can use Venmo with my email address below, or paypal using your account (friend to friend) or go to and put in $50 to book to this stallion.  
Print contracts from the bottom of this page, or Email for his contract at and fill out, sign, and mail or scan and email back a signed copy (or a picture on your phone, text to me, works too).  I will sign and mail a copy back to you for your records.  
Sign and return the contract (either with a check for the $50 booking fee or use a CC# with options above) and you are set.

Dun it Dealin's (Buckskin Stallion) contract/addendum is at the bottom of his page, along with the link to pay the $50 (you may use this link to pay the $50 booking for either stallion).  

I can also mail you Blue Lynx Cat's, (or Dun It Dealin's) contract/addendum.  You can book now for next year and get Blue Lynx Cat's stud fee for $500 (for 2022 season) with the $50 early bird booking discount we give for early-bird bookings... if booked before Jan 1 each year (in addition to multiple mare discounts for each mare booked to either can mix n match or book with a friend).

Here are some current (not professional) pictures, taken in May of 2021
(He is 3 years old in these pics).  He is trained to mount the phantom and is currently being bred to mares via Ai.  His semen has been evaluated and tested in extenders and he is ready for Cooled Shipped Semen in 2022.  He is currently having ground work done, under saddle, and will be ridden here soon.  So far he has a good mind and is very willing and easy-going...taking every new thing introduced to him in stride.

Newest Picture (May, 2021) More pictures to be posted soon

Email Tina at for more pictures in the mean-time


August, 2019 at 18 months old-



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