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Welcome to our Queensland Heeler Page

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 Our dogs are registered with the

Working Stock Dog World Registry, LLC

This page was last updated on:

December 2nd, 2018

We raise Queensland Heelers


Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers

(standard size, and now... miniature!)

These dogs are my pets, and only kenneled during heat cycles, to ensure the purity of the breed, 

and just prior to whelping, to keep mom and new pups safe. 

We have 5 acres here for them to run on at our home site ... and they do.  I regulate mating to 

perpetuate this amazing breed.  I currently have 8 breeding females and 2 breeding males, and breed them as they come into heat (plus two heelers that are "fixed"), 

...there is no way to rush this process, unfortunately, as females only come into heat twice per year, so it may take time to get you your heeler puppy. 

Gestation is about 62 days (which is included in the 6 months between heats).  If a female does not take, it is most likely because she needs a break, 

and I can't begrudge her that break. 

Your patience is greatly appreciated.  It will be worth the wait, I promise.  If you feel you cannot wait, 

you may just email me what you are looking for and 

I will put you in the folder as an "interested party", 

and then if you cannot find a pup you like elsewhere, you can either reserve and go into the reservation folder (getting a pup in order of reservation), 

or simply remain in the "interested party" folder, 

in case I have a pup available at some point that is not reserved for ahead of time (in order of receipt of email).

                                                                                     Watch a cute video  of one of my females, years ago, playing with her pups.

  The Latest News:

Current heat/breeding status of my females 

Standard Queensland Heelers/Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers

Bonnie has been bred to Shelton Blue (due mid Jan)

Jillian (blue and red pups) is expected back in heat in early January, 2019

Hawn (blue and red pups) is expected back in heat in mid-January, 2019 

Roo ("chocolate") will be bred to Clooney in January, 2019

Sarandon (blue and red pups) is due back in heat in early February, 2019

Monroe (stumpy-red pups too) will be bred to Shelton Blue

around February, 2019

Miniature Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers

Midler* (20#s) had 6 pups by Shelton (35#s) again-miniature pups

This is the cross that Ballerini is from; there are 2 black/tan pups (85% heeler) 

available (ready Dec. 15)- the two blues were reserved for ahead, 

and are taken, and 2 of the others are now sold as well. 

1 female (docked) and 1 male (stumpy) available

(see her bio below for more information on the miniature lines)

Ballerini (blue miniature stumpy tail with tan markings

will be bred after her second heat (after she is a year old)-April, 2019.

With 7 breeding females, we should have several litters 

coming Fall/Winter 2018 to Spring 2019

Our Breeding males:  

Shelton Blue (Pfeiffer's line)

(pictured with Kidman and Hawn)

                                                                                                                                          ...always wrestling

Shelton Blue is from the same line as Pfeiffer (her dam is his granddam), so he will continue her great line

He is a smaller heeler, at about 30-35 pounds.


Our bigger sire (about 45 pounds-he is thick, but average height): 

He is continuing Aniston and McConaughey's lines  

Aniston and McConaughey's son: Cloone 

He is playful, friendly, and very attentive/focused/easy to train, and loves kids and people 

He has spots like Aniston (he is her son).  

He was born with a tail (docked now)

He was sired by McConaughey

(Parentage of Clooney confirmed through Animal Genetics since Tatum was a sire at that time as well)

 Clooney's sire McConaughey... and his sire Bandit (deceased)

              Clooney's Dam: Aniston  (now spayed)                His Sire: McConaughey (deceased)

  Aniston's last litter of 3
One of her first litters (of 12)
She was an excellent mom for several years.

  The white fills in with blue or red ticking at about 3 weeks of age,

                                                and tan paws/muzzle/chest, on tri-color blues, begins to show then too.                                                

Clooney is amazing with kids!!!

He literally thinks he is a kid and loves to play with 

the kids out on the lawn

Clooney and Trixi Soaking up the sun after a big rain

His Pups born March 9th, 2017 (11 puppies) to Trixi (now deceased)
Her last little bowl of Trix-i, by Clooney
(again...the white fills in with blue or red "ticking")

Our Breeding Females:

Blue female (stumpy tail)

Her name is Monroe (no tan)

She is unrelated to any of our dogs.

Watch as she grows.  She will be ready to breed about November, 2018

(at 6 weeks old)

Here she comes at 3.5 mos old (above and below)

... at 7 months old (below)

She should end up at about 40 pounds once filled out

(about 40 pounds-average height, but lean-no tan)
Hawn is blue without the tan-softest coat I have ever felt


(about 35 pounds)

Kidman is a Sarandon x Tatum daughter-born without a tail, so she is a stumpy tail
Amazing, sweet, calm personality!  


A larger heeler, at about 45-50 pounds (she loves food)

She is getting older now (9 yrs old), and will be bred, but her litters are smaller now

Very calm and has a loving disposition-very friendly 

Her mom was a "black" (blue with no tan) heeler and dad was a red

She throws both red, black, chocolate/multi-color, and traditional blue pups w/tan (splotchy to dark)

We originally thought she was blue, and just remained light, but she has so many red splotches in her 

coat, AND will throw reds even when bred to a blue male.


Sarandon's litter of 3 at 1 day old


(Average size-about 40-45 pounds)

She is active, playful, and focused-great with kids and people

I have a toddler she plays with daily and her disposition is amazing with children.

 Usually bred to Clooney  

(about 40 pounds-no tan)


Roo (short for Kangaroo)...she is a "chocolate" heeler
She was adopted at 18 mos old on July 4th, 2018
Roo as a pup

                                                                                                                   Our Miniature Line

...begins with Tatum (our blue stumpy tail male), who sired Midler, who is 20 pounds and short. 

  Midler is a stumpy tail (about 70% heeler). 

Midler is exclusively bred to Shelton Blue (about 35#s) for a stumpy tail line of miniature pups (some are born with tails) 

Her pups are about 85% heeler and should end up very small/short.  Her first litter (born 4/9/18) gave us  

Ballerini, (she is very small/short, but is a blue heeler with tan). 

Ballerinwill be bred (most likely to Clooney...or a small 100% red heeler) once she is of breeding age, 

for 94% Queensland Heeler pups that are "miniature"  and will be sold separately.

All Midler pups are available to current reservation holders who reserved before 5/1/2018, if interested.

All reservations for standard heelers after 5/1/18 are separate from miniature pup reservations

 (from Ballerini and Midler).


In the above photo, Midler is in the back of the pack (middle)
with Hawn (left), and Kidman and Shelton (right)



Picture above was taken of her with her dam (and my 4 year old daughter) 
She has some blue ticking on her chest/neck area and buttocks area (and you can see some on her back) 
Shelton throws that blue ticking back into her pups (most of them...so far).

Midler running fast!
(Tough to get a picture of her standing still, but her ears stand straight up in true heeler fashion)

**Midler's dam (fixed now), was tested by Animal Genetics lab to verify her breed genetics, and is part cattle dog (they listed ACD, Queensland Heeler, and other cowdog breeds).  Tatum, of course, is 100% heeler and is blue with tan (neutered now), and is 
an Australian Stumpy Tail Heeler.  That makes Midleabout 70% stumpy tail heeler, and her pups, by Shelton
(see Ballerini) about 85% heeler, but much smaller (and stumpy tail).  
In her first litter she produced blue pups that are miniature Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers.  
We kept a blue miniature female (see Ballerini) from her first litter, in order
 to create a line of miniature pups that will be about 94% heeler.



(She is 85% Queensland Heeler, but is miniature)

We kept this female from Midler (20 #s) to breed to a 100% Queensland Heeler 
for 94% Queensland Heelers that are "miniature" and our stumpy tail line.
Her sire is Shelton Blue (35 #s) and 100% Queensland Heeler (Pfeiffer's line).

 At 3 months old (
with my 4 yr old)

at 3.5 mos old (above)
She is about 1/3 the size of a standard heeler at this point

5.5 months old
at 5.5 months old
(with Aniston)

The original sire in the Miniature line

(Midler's sire)

He is neutered now, but is an average heeler (about 40-45 pounds)

He stays lean and active, friendly and playful 

He is all blue with tan markings and was born with a stumpy tail .

He is an Australian Stumpy Tail Heeler

and the sire of Midler, who was also born with no tail.


He is now neutered, but still an important part of our family
His daughter, Midler (stumpy tail), and granddaughter, Ballerini,
will continue his line of stumpy tail heelers.

Everyone who reserved for a pup, and has waited so patiently-Thank you! 

Additional Information:

Dogs come into heat about every 6 months

Note: 62 days gestation (from breeding to whelping)

Pups can go home at 6 -7 weeks old,

eating dry Purina Puppy Chow, with first puppy shot, routine deworming 

and paperwork to register with 

Working Stock Dog World Registry, LLC.

                                                Pups are picked up at the House: 19802 Ave 376, Woodlake, CA  93286
                                                just come through the gate behind the big blue shop, and to the garage when you arrive.

Standard heeler pups are currently 

$395 for males

$425 for females

Miniatures (from Ballerinand Midler) are 

$495 for males and $525 for females

Click here to reserve one

only After you read


as reservations are non-refundable

You may also simply email me with what you want in a pup, and be on a waiting list of unpaid reservations

You will then be notified first, in order of email date, before the general public, when a pup is available that is not reserved for in advance

Happy Customer Pictures Below!

Meet Mabel.  She is a Trixi x Clooney pup.

Meet Opal.  She is a Pfeiffer X McConaughey pup-all grown up

...and more pups after going to their new homes

Quincy: Kidman's litter

A scroll down Memory Lane...

Aniston steals a moment with her baby at the neighbor's house

Chloe's 2013 litter

Chloe (RIP- January 31, 2016)

There are 5 pups in the photo below: Find Abby (hint: she's red and white)

  Swift's litter  (RIP: 11-17-2016) 

Aniston's past litter

A gorgeous grown pup (chocolate colored) from Sarandon x Tatum



as a pup 

at 3 weeks old  

...and about 8 weeks old


This guy was born without a tail.  He is a stumpy tail heeler (neutered now).

Tatum's Dam, Pocket 
(Kidman and Midler's granddam, and Ballerini's great-granddam)
This dam was a small blue stumpy tail (about 30 pounds)

 His lines (now carried on by Midler, and Ballerini) are Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers 

and Pocket, Tatumand Ballerini are registered with the

  Working Stock Dog World Registry

Usually about half the litter is born without a tail-the rest have tails and can be docked upon request...or left as they are naturally born.

Heelers are born white and get color at about 3-4 weeks of age

The ears stand up from 3 weeks to 3 months of age

Pfeiffer (below) and a litter of her pups at birth (all blues)-but born white

Pfeiffer unexpectedly passed away on 1-31-2018.  She was 9 years old and a daughter of McConaughey

Shelton Blue is the same line as Pfeiffer (her dam is his granddam)

so Ballerini is also from this amazing line (and Tatum's stumpy tail line).

Pups are $395 for males and $425 for females-standard size
$495 for males and $525 for females-miniature size

 You can use a credit card/ATM  at www.paypal.me/tinalewis
or call me with a credit card or mail a check to: 
Tina Lewis
19802 Ave 376
Woodlake, CA  93286

We have a no refund policy, for obvious reasons
so please read How It Works before you reserve.

We will get you a pup as quickly as we can but when you reserve a pup you are
stating that you have read and understand How It Works, (our Terms and Conditions),
and agree to wait patiently for the arrival of your pup, in order of reservation, which could take several litters 
to get what you have asked for depending upon how many are reserved ahead of you, 
what they reserved for, what you are reserving for, if a female takes (sometimes they need a break), and what is born in each litter; 
There are many variables that I cannot control,
Which dam comes into heat, and when, or if she takes, gender, color (red, blue, etc.), how many pups are born, markings, size, born with a tail/stumpy
(I can dock a tail, but cannot add one).  These variables all affect how quickly I get to you in the reservation folder and cannot be predicted.

Click here for How It Works 

Note: if you cannot pay in full, but would like to get into the reservation folder, I will take two payments of $200 for a standard male (or $215 for a standard female) using Paypal or you may mail checks to the above address and I will notify you upon receipt.  
For the miniature line: 
I will take two payments of $250 for a male ($265 for a female).  
Please email me to let me know this is what you are doing so I can keep track with you.

Keep in mind that if you reserve a pup: We may very well have plenty of pups to accommodate everyone in a particular batch of pups, but 
if we don't, being flexible will get you a pup sooner; being understanding and patient is greatly appreciated.  Normally there are a few reservations, especially for blue females (the current trend), so it often takes several litters to get to you, since there is so much I have no control over.  I go in order of reservation...always. 

Please take a moment to read How It Works for payment information as well as the process that we use once a litter is born
 (before you reserve, after being sure you want a pup from me, as I cannot refund 
if you change your mind later due to the wait, if you happen to find a pup elsewhere, or for any other reason)
All pups can be registered with 
(with a possible exception of pups from Midler who do not get blue coloring)

Pups will be dewormed (at 2 1/2 weeks and at 5 1/2 weeks) and have their first shot at pickup.
They will be eating dry Purina Brand Puppy Chow from about 3 weeks of age; 
offered free-choice, after whelping, to dam and pups

You can click here for WSDWR Registration Form to register your pup after you get it home 
(if you lose the one I give you at puppy pick up with dam/sire/birth information) 
just email me for sire/dam registration numbers and whelping date to include on the form
Once again...  How It Works   

Please click for more information on the process before you reserve, as deposits/reservations are non-refundable.

                                                                                           Enjoy more pictures of past litters and my breeding females below:  

Swift's litter 


Chloe, Swift and Aniston's litters

                                        Chloe's Litter                                                                 Aniston's Litter                         


 Swift's Litter (at almost 3 wks old)

 This beats a bowl of cherries, any day!

Pfeiffer and Foxy  with previous litters below.   

Pfeiffer and Foxy's past litters here at The Lewis Ranch... 



Sarandon's past litters below



   November 4, 2012 Sarandon's litter-a sea of beautiful colors.

...reserve now by clicking here to pay with paypal (please read How It Works first as there are no refunds)

Information on my Current Breeding Females:

Smaller females:

Pfeiffer- small blue female (with tan feet, butterfly on chest, and muzzle) about 29 pounds-comes from a working dog stock.  She is a little more stand-offish with strangers-very loving and playful once she knows you, but her line is very faithful (never bites, but shows her teeth if cornered-she walks away if she doesn't know you and will watch from a distance).  

Average size heelers:

Sarandon  - This female is a little larger (45 pounds); very sweet, loving, friendly.  She is content to lay at your feet or follow you where ever you go.  She picked my grown son as her "guy" and squeaks at him while she wiggles all over; friendly to everyone though.  She throws multi-colored and traditional colored pups as well.  You never know with her.  Lots of possibilities.

Aniston  - This is my tallest female, but not real wide so she weighs about 49 pounds. She is blue with tan feet, butterfly on chest, muzzle, ears. She also has black spots.  She goes camping with me and back and forth to the ranch/home.  Very smart and well-behaved.  Sticks close to me and always has an eye on me. She had to be fixed in October of 2016 but Clooney is her son and will continue this great line with the same great disposition, focus, and color-his sire is McConaughey so both lines are there with a tad more of a stocky build (McConaughey weighed 80 pounds).

Bonnie  -  This blue (with tan markings on feet, chest) female looks very similar to Pfeiffer, but is a little wider faced and weights about 45 pounds.  Very loving and active.  Loves the kids.

Trixi - This red female was adopted by us last year at 3 years old.  She is a stumpy tail heeler.  She weighs about 45 pounds and is very sweet, loving and friendly, and loves the kids.

Kidman - This red female is Sarandon and Tatum's daughter and is a stumpy tail heeler.  She looks to be average in size and has a wonderful, calm disposition. Ready to breed fall of 2017.

Hawn - This blue (no tan) female is almost chocolate in color.  She is not related to any of my dogs.  She has a great, active, sweet personality and loves the kids. Ready to breed fall of 2017.


* Pup can fly at 8 weeks old after Vet Exam and requires Airline approved kennel, bowls, bedding, etc.

*Try Delta Airlines first as they seem to work well.  Plane tickets are around $215, and fairly easy to arrange-out of Fresno, CA.-I may have to pay on this end, but you make the reservation on your end (coordinate this with me so I am sure to be available) and pay the ticket amount to me via Paypal right before the day of the flight along with reimbursement for the medium size kennel, bowls, bedding, etc (required by airline). This cost is $95 and is reimbursed to me before the flight.  Vet exam is paid directly to the Vet by credit card or Care Credit Card, or mail them a check in advance.

*Alaskan Airlines to Washington was $184 in 2012 when I flew a pup once-you can try them also.

Note: I will drive your pup to the Vet for the exam and to the Airport for you (55 minute drive for Airport and 15 minutes to the Vet- each way, for each of these trips)-free of charge (usually at 3 am for the airport); which is fine by me so no worries when they give you that early flight time. ;)

-a medium kennel and feed/water dish is required by the airline and I can get that for you and you can reimburse via paypal at Paypal ($95 for all-includes airline required feed/water dish for air travel, blanket, absorbent padding, baggie of food, water bottle and paperwork).

-a Veterinary exam is $54 at Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic and they will take a credit card or CARE CREDIT over the phone (or they will allow you to mail a check in advance)-Notify me you have done this and then I can then set the appointment according to my schedule (and pup reaching 8 weeks of age) and take the pup there -you call and give them payment AND shipping information required by the airline for the Health Certificate.  
Their number is 559-732-4818 and you can check out their website by clicking on the clinic name above.

More pics of my Females and their past litters:



Swift (now deceased) is medium in size...verrrry sweet and loving (loves kids and everyone's puppies). She is very laid back





Aniston (spayed now) is my tallest female and goes camping, sticks close, and loves to go (her litters are down to about 6 pups now as she is getting older-she has had as many as 12 in litter, in her younger days).  This will be her last litter in late August of 2016.


Aniston ready to pop and chillaxin

  Aniston's October 30th, 2012 pups at their new homes:


  ...and I'm never going out in the snow again!

Reserve now   ...after viewing HOW IT WORKS


a smaller blue female-she weighs about 29 pounds

This is Bingo...an all white pup from Pfeiffer's first litter. 

He never got the black hairs (ticking) that make a blue heeler.

The white heeler is a rare color of heeler  and Pfeiffer has now thrown a few in her litters but there is NO WAY TO KNOW WHICH PUP WILL BE WHITE (or cream), SINCE ALL PUPS ARE BORN WHITE..they normally get color at about 3-4 weeks of age.  

Bingo had no color but some get a hint of tan on ears and undercoat.  The pup in her second litter got some tan on ears/back-it was very light

If a solid white one is in the litter (usually known by 3-4 wks old), it will probably already belong to someone by the time we realize it is a "white" pup.   If they are ok with a white one, the pup is theirs...if they would rather have a blue, they will move to the next blue pup available in the next litter.  This is up to the owner of the pup, of course.

If a "white" pup becomes available to sell...I will notify those who have indicated they want a shot at a white one, reserved folks first, and then those who just emailed to indicate interest in a white one, and then notify everyone else on my list to find a home for the pup.  It will be first come, first serve at this point.  


Note: Pfeiffer has not thrown a white pup since I stopped breeding her to McConaughey but we will breed her to McConaughey's son, Clooney and see what she throws.


This female is very light blue with red and blue speckles.  She will throw blue pups and an occasional red one in the litter.  Some blues will have typical tan markings, some will not (I call this a black heeler when there is no tan).  Most pups have many colors.  No way to know at birth which pups will be light like her and which will be a more typical darker blue, or which will end up with tan markings, or look like a chocolate color or ?.  They get color at about 3-4 weeks of age and this is when we can tell; so no real way to reserve for a chocolate either.  You can specify your interest in one, or specify you do not want tan legs/chest and I can try to work that out but there is no guarantee...you can always back out of a pup you have tentatively chosen, and wait for the next litter; at any time (even at 5 weeks old).

A pup of Sarandon's, and one of Foxy's-all grown up... at home.

 Note: Most of Sarandon's blue pups end up blue with no tan (which gives the appearance of a black heeler).

At about 10 days old:


I call this pup a "chocolate" heeler...no tan on paws or chest or face...just a black heeler that turned chocolate 

Sarandon, had a brother this color!

Or once in awhile one appears to be white with some traces of black around ears.  They are not quite 5 wks in the pictures below.  She always has colorful litters.


EMAIL if you are interested in reserving for a pup from one of the upcoming litters or reserving specifically for a particular dam's litter.

Reserving ahead gets you a pup quicker, but please realize I don't control litter size, color or gender, or if they "take" when they are bred; this is left to nature. 


Australian Stumpy Cattle Dogs:

This is Tatum's mom (born with no tail) and Tatum...her son (also born with no tail)
 Registered with Working Stock Dog World Registry, LLC,  

Clooney's sire: McConaughey 

McConaughey napping               McConaughey by the fire


Just a lil bit comfy...we weighed McConaughey in November of 2015 and he weighed 80 pounds!  

McConaughey sharing the bed (or trying to steal it)                                      

More pictures of 
our Females:  Aniston, PfiefferSarandonBonnie, and Swift

Aniston's pups after going to their homes:  

   Most have spots and always have some tan paws/muzzle/ears/butterfly on chest.

A couple of McConaughey x Aniston pups all grown up  (Clooney is from this cross)



          Swifts litter                                                           

Reserving can be done by credit card/ATM/checking account through my 

paypal - You do not need your own paypal account. 

Pups are $395 for a male and $425 for females

We raise Blue and Red Queensland Heelers.  Pick your litter/female or just specify the next available red or blue male or female pup and if you want the tail docked or left in tact (or left as it is naturally born).  Tails are docked at 3 days old unless presold and specified to leave in tact (or leave natural-we have stumpy tails often).

Pfeiffer's litter


Pfieffer litter at 4 days old above
and at about 3 weeks old below, and getting some color (except Bingo, the white pup )

You may Reserve ahead for a pup.

Scroll down to see a blast from the past, with pictures of past litters and my bloodlines.  

    2 of Aniston's pups at home

Dakota (she is half Queensland, spayed, and is about 17 years old now).  

We got her at a year old as a rescue. She used to roam around the ranch at will but is now safely in our yard.

She is the "Mayor of Elderwood"

Update: Dakota is now safely in the backyard of the house to keep her out of the roads of Elderwood.

Palomino ( my baby... and a real boy, not a dog)...Corgi/Lab mix??? 

He is neutered and was adopted at 6 wks old 

Palomino finding some sunshine in his last days

RIP (March 17, 2004 to February 20, 2017)

 Pali...You were truly a real boy to me. 



Short, tough, and brave was he

This boy who was a dog

His home with us was meant to be

And we were blessed by God


Short in stature, but tall of mind

His heart could not be beat

Big dogs like him are hard to find

With legs that didn’t reach


Boating, Camping, a race around the tent

This real boy had some fun

Bury a donut, and off he went

Fast as his legs could run


His grin, it went from ear to ear

The boy could do no wrong

His dog days soon turn into years

We loved him for so long


Goodbye to you, my Pali boy

I loved you like a son

Rest your eyes and hurt no more

Your adventures are all done


In the mountains somewhere

Or buried on the shore

I know there is a treasure there

Where you have gone before


Tina Lewis (mom) ‘2017’


These are archived pics.

More Pictures 

McConaughey, below, one summer, with his girls, Senseney and Aniston.  

McConaughey  (3 yrs old below and already chubby) with Red, and Senseney in the background

McConaughey...taking time from his busy breeding schedule to smell the roses... 

or plastic horse heads.

and here with Senseney-what a tank he was.


Chloe was a daughter of Senseney by Bandit



Our Females and their past litters:

Senseney: (Deceased now but not forgotten); red female

This is Senseney, she was such a good mom, very athletic and energetic.  Loved to fetch, and play catch with the kids with little pebbles, when no ball was available.  Loved to catch squirrels and gophers and mice.  She was very lean and stayed very active.  Foxy was her daughter and is also now deceased.  McConaughey sired these pups and is gone now too.




Senseney taking care of orphaned kittens


A Senseney puppy by Bandit...pick me please!



This is where I left off - I will be back to reload more as time allows...

Pictures taken just over 3 weeks old


...I will never doubt that I am truly loved as long as Aniston is around.


Below is her at 4-5 weeks of age (before her ears stood up)

Aniston driving us home...Got Ears?

Aniston...settling in at home.


at 3 1/2 months old at Darcy's birthday campout at the Kings River...she is a swimmer!

Camping in July 2009 and cleaning up after a bear in camp.

Below is her mom and dad and her litter mates:

Below is a litter: Aniston  x McConaughey (born Oct. 25, 2009)


taken 11/24

(Bludger) one of her pups at about 3 months old.


taken 11/22 & 11/23

taken on November 15th, 2009

The relaxed guy below-left, and the howler above right with the lil girl in the center

October 25th, 2009 Litter from Aniston (by McConaughey)

Pictures of Aniston's first litter:


McConaughey's Dad:  Where it all began...


 Proud Grandpa! 

Bandit was sleeping and was accidentally run over in our driveway and had to be put down due to his injuries on Monday, October 16th, 2006.

I should thank Rick Tucker, DVM  for going above and beyond to help me that day.

Bandit is greatly missed.

The Good News is...We were fortunate enough, to get McConaughey from a litter that Bandit fathered about 2 weeks before he died, out of a really nice red female heeler that had been mated to him weeks earlier.  Clooney was just a year old when his sire, McConaughey passed.