Breeding Classes

The Lewis Ranch is now offering one and two day courses in 
Equine Breeding and Colt Breaking
The Lewis Ranch
19802 Ave 376
Woodlake, CA  93286

Basic Color Genetics- $275 (one day course) *3+ Learners booked together earns a $50 discount (each)

Colt Breaking-$275/day (two day course) *3+ Learners/colts booked together earns a $50 discount (each)

     ·         Round pen and arena work

·        Weaning/gentling

·        Haltering for the first time

·        Lead, tie, groom 

·        Picking up the feet

·        Deworming and vaccinations

·        Saddling for the first time (must be at least a yearling, and ready)

The following breeding courses are $475 per learner per day and are two day courses (*discount for 2+ people booked together)

*Group discount: $475/day for the first learner; $400/day for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th learners; when booked together (email Tina for discounts for larger groups at

Mare Owners   

This class offers a detailed approach to a mare owner’s specific breeding program, allowing each mare owner the opportunity to learn how to set a band of mares up for successful breeding with the optimum body condition, and timing of ovulation when fresh or cooled semen is available, and to learn to artificially inseminate mares with fresh and cooled shipped semen.  Learners will get hands-on learning on a horse breeding farm.

·       Artificial Insemination

         -proper protocol/technique

        -practice on live mares

·       Breeding with cooled shipped semen

        -what to expect

        -contracts/ordering cooled semen

        -timing of mare's cycle for optimum success

·       Breeding with fresh semen

         -evaluation of semen under a microscope

·       Tracking the mare's cycle

          -teasing protocol

          -use of hormones

·       Record keeping and contracts

·       Basic color genetics

·       Optimum Body Condition



In this class the learner will learn to successfully read an ultrasound image, track the reproductive tract and cycle of their mare, and detect embryos, follicles, edema, or possible fluid on the uterus.  Within the lecture portion of the course, learners will go over the equipment and supplies needed to set up their own breeding program, complete with contracts and forms, stocks and lab. This class will also focus on providing the learner with an understanding of the practices associated with utilizing cooled and frozen-thawed semen in the breeding of mares, along with the development of hands-on skills associated with deep horn insemination and the use of ultrasonography to assess follicular activity and pregnancy in their own mares.


·       Tracking the mare's cycle

          -teasing protocol

          -use of hormones

·        Detecting follicular activity and status

·        Record Keeping

·        Artificial Insemination with Fresh Semen

·        Artificial insemination with Frozen Semen

·        Artificial insemination with Cooled Semen

·        Detecting pregnancy in your own mare


Stallion Owners   

In this class the learner will get hands-on practice in stallion handling and management, setting up a laboratory and breeding area, preparation of the Artificial Vagina (AV), and comparing a variety of AVs, semen evaluation, including sperm counting, motility and morphology evaluation, and the proper and safe use of laboratory and collection equipment used in the process. In this class the learner will get the opportunity to observe the proper collecting of a stallion along with hands-on experience (if desired) collecting a stallion.  *In a 3 day course, the stallion owner may bring their own stallion for training to the phantom the first day, and observe the proper techniques used for training a stallion to the phantom and then continue with the 2 day course listed below.

        ·       Proper technique for collecting a stallion/Training your stallion to the phantom*

                       -safety, care, and handling

       ·       Collection and evaluation of semen (hands-on/observation)

       ·       Record keeping

       ·       Basic Color Genetics (optional)

       ·       Setting up the breeding area and lab/Proper equipment      


Cooled Shipped Semen

This class will focus on the development of the hands-on skills and techniques associated with the collection, evaluation, and cooling and packaging of semen for shipping to mare owners across the country.  Each learner will participate in the collection, evaluation and processing of semen as well as properly packaging the semen for shipping.  The lecture portion of this class will focus on the coordination of shipping cooled semen to mare owners (or their Veterinarians), and the forms, contracts, and paperwork involved.

     ·       Collection and evaluation of semen

     ·       Preparing and packaging for shipment

     ·       Shipping cooled semen

              -contracts and forms


              -coordinating with mare owners


Freezing a Stallion's Semen

This class will focus on the development of the hands-on skills and techniques associated with the freezing and utilization of frozen stallion semen.  Each participant will evaluate and centrifuge semen, perform multiple test freezing and freezing protocols, and conduct post freezing assessment.  A portion of the lecture will cover the process of becoming a USDA approved facility for the export of frozen semen as well as the procedures associated with freezing semen for export.

     ·       Collection and evaluation of semen

     ·       Freezing semen

     ·       LN2 safety and storage

     ·       Record keeping

Contact Tina at or 559-909-2156 for more information
and to sign up.  You may also arrange for private training courses for 5+ learners at a discounted price
at the ranch, or at your farm or ranch.  We take credit cards/ATM, or checks.
We require half down at time of booking and the remainder one week before the start of the course.

*Reproduction courses are $475 per learner per day and $400 per learner per day for the second, third, and fourth learner when booked together.  Minimum of 2 learners for a course to proceed. 
If you book alone we will advertise and do our best to add a learner. If this doesn't happen, you will be moved to the next
course date, or you can opt to take the course alone (private course with more practice/instruction time) and pick up the discounted 2nd learner cost.
All classes are two day courses except Equine Color Genetics, which is a one day course at $275 per learner (multiple courses can be combined/condensed for a 3-4 day course). 
Colt Breaking is a two day course - $275/per learner per day
with discounts for 3+ learners each when booked together.

For repeat customers/alumni: To repeat a course as a refresher, or for more practice/instruction, you can repeat a course at half price, added to an existing class, or we can schedule your class and do our best to get other students in the course.  We try to limit our courses to four students to allow more personalized instruction and more time for hands-on learning and practice, though we can arrange to do larger group courses.

Taking multiple courses: If you would like to combine courses and take more than one course at once, we will remove repeat content in each course, and condense 2 day courses into a 3 day course with more hands-on practice time.  There is a discount for customers who have already taken a course with us (Alumni), or when more than one course is desired (but taken at another time).

Tina Lewis, PhD, Instructor

Tina Lewis has loved and owned horses all of her life, and she has owned and run a full service stallion station, The Lewis Ranch Stallion Station, since 1998. She holds an AS Degree in Animal Science, and a Certificate in Equine Science from The College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California as well as 12 certifications in Equine Reproduction from The Breeder's Assistant in Ramona, CA.  She has served on the Equine Committee at The College of the Sequoias, and has held demonstrations on collection and evaluation, cooled semen, and freezing semen there (as well as for Reedley College and Fresno State University).

Tina holds several certifications in Ultrasound, Artificial Insemination, Phantom Training, Cooled Shipped Semen, Freezing and Utilizing Frozen Semen, Deep Horn Insemination, Uterine Flushing and Embryo Transfer, Foaling and Mare Management, and Equine Color Genetics, and has taught foal handling and colt breaking as well.

Tina holds a BS in Psychology, a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and a PhD in Education.  She is standing color producing, foundation, and performance bred stallions at her ranch in Woodlake, California.  She guest lectures at colleges and universities, and holds private training classes at her ranch.  She enjoys teaching others in her community, and the surrounding area, to be more proactive and safe in their own mare, foal, and stallion handling and care, with a comprehensive and informative Equine Reproductive Management program, and all it has to offer today’s horse owner.


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