I would like to apologize in advance for the lack of brevity with this page...I have encountered enough misunderstandings over the many years I have been breeding Queensland Heelers, to feel that it is warranted.  Please email if you have any questions after reading this page.

First of all, when you reserve, you are paying for a pup that may not be born yet.  We will get you a pup as quickly as we can, but when you reserve a pup you are
stating that you have read and understand How It Works, which is our version of Terms and Conditions.
You are agreeing to wait patiently for the arrival of your pup, in order of reservation, which could take a few litters, depending upon your preferences/restrictions.  

I currently have 7 females with 2 possible litters (each) per year.
You may specify gender, color, markings (i.e., mask, patch, spot, or no markings), tail (left in tact, born stumpy, docked, or Natural-which indicates you simply want the pup the way it was born), or if you want a pup from a particular female or male (or mating combo).

Please be advised that wait time can be zero (if you happen to reserve and we have a pup that is available immediately) or may take awhile to get you the pup you have requested (color, markings, gender, parents, etc.), especially if I have people in front of you asking for same type of pup, and nature doesn't cooperate.

...some things cannot be controlled.
Dogs only come into heat every 6 months and gestation is 62 days.  I cannot allow anyone to cut in front of anyone else so please don't ask to pay extra to cut in front (believe me it happens).  Queensland Heelers are tough to find, I gather, and I am doing my best to accommodate those who have contacted me because they want a pup from my lines.  I began taking reservations because someone asked if they could pay in advance and get the next pup born that fit what they wanted.  I allowed this and the rest is history.  I raise them because I love the breed, and enjoy it.  It is a lot of work to coordinate all of this (the calls/emails, reservations, notify lists, who has what pup, etc.) in addition to caring for the dogs and the puppies after they are born (often more than one litter at a time).  Anyone who has ever had a female dog in heat and tried to keep her from breeding every dog in the neighborhood should have a sense of what I go through each time a female comes into heat (or 3 at once).  Between personalities, hormones, and natural instinct to breed (remember I have 2 males and 7 females that roam my ranch), it is never an easy job.  I am sure that no one but me enjoys the lag time between heats and litters (ha ha).  I love the puppies, but I love spending time with my dogs too (without the worry of keeping puppies safe and females being in heat).  

Please remember that I don't make these pups in my garage and I cannot refund your money if you change your mind, find a pup elsewhere after you reserve, or it takes more than a litter or two to get the pup you want.  I understand your excitement and the urgency, but I am doing all I can.  The rest is up to the dogs. 

Please.  Just be sure you are willing to wait for one if that becomes necessary. 

I can fly a pup to you or you can come and pick it up.  My husband does travel across California and on occasion I have been able to arrange for him to meet someone with their pup for a small fee for his gas/trouble.  I can also check the other pup owners to see if there are any who live close to you or pass you on the way home.  We can sometimes coordinate pup pickups so that 3 people are not driving from the same area to pick up their pup (unless you want to).  None of this, of course, can be guaranteed ahead of time.  I can only try.  You should be prepared to come here to pick up your pup if you buy one.

What the hold-up could be...

In order to accommodate your preferences, it may take a couple of litters to get you a pup, especially if you are particular about color/gender/tail/markings/personality/size...or want a pup from a particular male or female (which is understandable).

In order to accommodate getting you a pup from a particular female's litter (this is where personality comes in), it could take a bit longer as each of my females have only 2 heats/litters per year (62 days gestation each).  Now that we have stumpy tails in the mix...this complicates things a bit more since some pups are now born without tails.  I can dock tails, but I cannot put them on (duck tape has its limitations) so this sometimes means less opportunity for those who want a tail.  My stumpy tail heelers 
(pups from Monroe, Midler, Lambert) throw some pups in each litter (not all) with stumpy tails.

I have 3 females that throw both reds and blues (Monroe, Hawn, Jillian, Lambert), and some of their blues may not get tan markings, so if pups are born with no markings (all white with no patches, mask, spot) I can't tell if the pup will be red or blue, or if obviously blue (due to patches/spots), if it will have tan markings. All heelers are born white (except for patches/spots) and it takes 14-21 days for me to see if they are blue or red in the absence of those markings (brown patch/spot/mask is a red pup, and black markings are blue pups...I have been fooled, but rarely).  If you pick a pup and it changes color, or doesn't get the tan, for instance, in a blue pup, you can back out and wait for next litter, and won't lose your position in the reservation folder.  When the next litter is born, I will start again at the front of the folder to match up pups to those reserved.

Bonnie is the only standard female I have that will throw only blue with tan as she, and both of my sires, are blue with tan.  My miniature line only comes in blue with tan, though Midler sometimes throws one with just black and tan and some white or light blue ticking.   

Occasionally a female doesn't take
 when I breed her.  This is normal and I don't begrudge any female a well-deserved rest (nature sometimes reminds us of this needed break).  I try to take this in stride...hopefully you will too.  

Rest assured that I am diligent about marking the calendar for each female, tracking her cycle, watching for signs of heat, and then watching for her standing heat; kenneling her with the male and watching for the end of her standing heat so that I have an idea of her due date and can let her out of the kennel without worry of her breeding the neighbor's dog, or my other male.  This process takes a full 3 weeks sometimes (from first sign of heat to no sign of heat).  

I update this site when a female is in heat, again when she is breeding (standing heat), when she is done (bred), and again when she is about a month along and I am sure she is showing.  There is a "last updated" date at the beginning of the Queensland Heeler page that shows when I last updated the page.  If it hasn't been updated very recently then there simply has been nothing to update. ;)

Occasionally, a litter is low (or void) of particular markings, gender, color, or tail (or the combo of these you may have reserved for).  I don't control this either...please try to understand.  We cross our fingers and hope each and every reservation can be filled ASAP...not always the case, but I will always go in order of reservation, skipping people only when what is born doesn't fit what you specifically ordered.  If you are flexible, and tell me that you are, on your reservation, then you will not be skipped.  For example, you can put: "I may/will consider either gender" or "I may/will consider any color" or "I may/will take a tail or lack of one that he or she is born with" or may/will consider a pup that has come available regardless of the tail situation (this happens, as people often back out for various reasons after I dock the tail for them).  Being flexible will get you offered a pup sooner.  Know that you can decline any pup that you do not want.  You may opt to be skipped any time, and hold your spot until I offer you a pup that fits exactly what you want and your situation at the time.  If the timing is off for you when I contact you (illness, vacation, or ?), you may also ask to be skipped and not lose your spot.  I want you to be ready for your pup and 100% happy with it's markings and look.

How it Works

When a litter is born I assess what is born as far as color, gender, tail, markings, and parents (some people want a pup from a particular dam or  sire).  I then go in order of reservation.  Always.  If you reserved, then you are in my folder.  If, when you reserve, you reserve for a blue female, for example, and an all red litter is born (or no females in the litter), you will not be contacted; only the people who reserved for what has been born (those whose reservation fits the litter) will be contacted.  If blue pups are born, but only males are born, you will not be contacted either, because you specified blue female.  Only those who reserved for blue males would be contacted.  If a blue female is born, and you are next in the folder for a blue female, you will be contacted.  If there are 6 blue female pups born and you are 7th in the folder you will not be contacted unless someone declines or backs out later.

I contact people starting from the front of the reservation folder according to what is born, skipping red pup "wanters," for instance, if I have a blue litter, or female "wanters" if I have all males, or tail "wanters" if there are no tails, and also skipping anyone specifying a particular dam or sire, if this litter isn't from, or by that dam or sire, etc.  I contact the person who first fits what is born in that litter, flipping through the reservations in order, skipping only those who don't match anything in the litter.

If there is more than one choice of pup when I come to you I will contact you and anyone else who is up for a pup that wants the same thing you do (for instance, a blue female with a tail) and whoever gets back to me first tells me (from the picture I send of the pups that fit) which pup they wish to have (ie: the one with the mask, patch, spot, or no markings, etc.), and the other person(s) are assured to get the other one(s).  If I cannot reach you right away, but you are up, and a pup is born that matches your specifications, I will hold a pup for you that matches what you want, docking or leaving a tail according to your specifications.  If you cannot be reached at all (or have not responded in the past few attempts), then, of course, I can only wait a few days (trying your email and phone number), and then I will have to offer this pup to the next person it fits in the reservation folder, and you can wait for the next litter... you will not lose your spot.

I do it this way to keep this process from dragging on for weeks (some people are on vacation or don't check messages right away, etc.), and to accommodate those who want a tail docked (this must be done at 3 days old).  I only dock if requested.  In the absence of a timely response from you, I will assign a pup to you according to your specifications and hold it for awhile.  You never have to take the one I save for you...once you are reached, you can decline and wait for the next litter.  I cannot hold it long though, as others are waiting.  

Please contact me if you still have questions about the process.

Payment Details:

1.  You can use a credit card/ATM to reserve (or secure a currently available pup)- by clicking on the paypal link on the
Queensland Heeler page, or going directly to and then email me that you paid.  You can use the "comments to seller" section on paypal for reserving ahead to specify preferences as well.

No paypal account is necessary as I have a paypal account set up 

to accept your payment (you put in amount of $395 for standard male or $425 for standard female, 

or $495 for miniature male or $525 for miniature female.

2.  You can also mail a check or money order to reserve ahead (with a note about your preferences) to: 

Tina Lewis, 19802 Avenue 376, Woodlake, CA  93286 and email or call/text 559-909-2156 to alert that it is in the mail.  I will email you to let you know when it arrives and that your reservation is secure.  Please put your phone number and an email address/tail docking/color/gender preferences with the check.  I copy the check and attach this note to it in the folder and use the email/phone # to notify you. 

3.  You can make payments (see main page of site), but keep in mind that if you don't pay in a timely manner (the 2 or 3 payments over 60 or 90 days as agreed), everyone who pays in full will step in front of you until you are paid in full (the last payment will then be your reservation date).  You will only be ahead of those on the "notify list" and anyone new who emails about pups available (until you are paid in full, or only if you can pay in full when the pup is born and offered to you).  No pup will be yours unless/until you are paid in full.  Use this link: to make a payment of any amount, at any time.  I will keep track, but so should you.  If a pup is born and offered to you, you can pay the balance in full using credit card/ATM, or wait for the next litter if you are unable to pay in full at that time.